NorthPoint Executive Suites helps small businesses and start-ups work more efficiently by cutting costs and saving business owners’ time. The most prudent business owner could go to painstaking lengths to estimate absolute supply needs and go from supplier to supplier to investigate all options and compare prices and still spend thousands in excess on office space and equipment.

Entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small business owners typically do not need the traditional office space—fully equipped and accommodating several employees in separate workstations Monday through Friday. So why would they pay for it? There may be some weeks when that high-powered printer goes untouched or where the AC is running into an empty room while the business owner continues to pay. Thus renting, furnishing, and maintaining an underutilized office space becomes a major sunken cost.

NorthPoint Executive Suites offers a solution by providing flexible coworking options for business owners with all essential amenities included and onsite management to troubleshoot any issues. While the exact amount of money a business could save with office space rental varies, we examined the costs of some of these amenities:

  1. Workstation IT costs: As a general reference, the US Government Services Administration (GSA) estimates a cost of $5,497 per employee for IT. The initial cost of a PC is only a small fraction; a $1,000 unmanaged PC’s costs can exceed $15,000 over three years.
  2. Office supply costs: All those post-it notes, pens, ink, and paper costs add up. On average, companies spend between $200 to $1,000 per employee on office supplies
  3. Polycom phones: With more and more work being done remotely, businesses are more reliant on Polycom phones. Polycom phones cost around $1,000 each. Some businesses need to use Polycom as a regular part of their work but for others that just have the occasional call making it hard to justify that initial cost. And if your office needs more than one (simultaneous meetings, more than one location), these costs quickly add up.
  4. Reception services: Businesses benefit from a professional to answer phones—saving time and triaging messaging needs—and keeping the office organized. Clients are attracted to the accountability of a voice on the other end of the line and not being stuck on hold. The average salary for a receptionist is around $34,000 per year, but NorthPoint takes care of your reception services for you.
  5. Fiber optic internet: The advent of fiber optic internet increases productivity and performance but also requires some investment beyond that of traditional wireless services. At NorthPoint, you get all the benefits of fiber optic internet without the high upfront costs of installation and the monthly billings.

NorthPoint Executive Suites offers savvy entrepreneurs everything they need to reduce waste, save time, and grow their business in a professional high-functioning workplace. Pay only for the time and space that you need, and enjoy the inclusive furnishings, technology, and services.

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