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Employee happiness can have a significant effect on your company's bottom line.

The Benefits of Employee Happiness on Your Company’s Bottom Line

It is not coincidental that stock prices tend to rise more rapidly in “Fortune’s 100 best companies to work for” compared to other companies on average. Happy, engaged, balanced employees bring more energy, effort, and creativity to work and benefit your bottom line. There are endless articles and strategies about work-life balance but employers need to also remember that work and life can overlap and happiness in one effects happiness (and performance) in the other.

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Alpharetta is a rising tech hub in Georgia.

Alpharetta: the Best Small City in Georgia to Grow a Small Business

Verizon analyzed data on over 300 small cities in the U.S., and Alpharetta came in at 15, the only city in Georgia to make the list. Measures included income per capita, percentage of college-educated population over age 25, average total time driving to work, broadband access of at least 10 Mbps download time and 1 Mbps upload time, loans per capita, and tax scores. All these factors help set the stage to build a startup and draw in customers and partners.

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A Checklist for Your Off-Site Meetings

Your Off-Site Meeting Checklist

A lot of time, resources, and strategic thinking goes into a successful offsite. Even a meeting with a well-thought agenda, and a strong leader and teammates can spiral downward if logistics are not right. NorthPoint Executive Suites lets you do what you do best — lead and strengthen your team– by taking care of the logistics and providing a productive environment for you.

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