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Networking 101 for Remote Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs need to network, especially when working in a remote setting. Unlike office-based work, remote work reduces person-to-person interactions. Consequently, remote workers can be isolated from resources and knowledge, opportunities for collaboration, mentorship and guidance, and more. Read on to explore how remote workers can practice effective networking.

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What to Look for in a Business Partner

Forming a business partnership is one of the keys to building a successful entrepreneurship. Two teams working together can often generate more productive results for both groups. Here are essential insights to consider before partnering with another business.

Why a business partnership requires research

You should know a potential partner’s business reputation and financial history before entering an agreement. You can be held liable for a business partner’s actions, especially if you collaborate on manufacturing, distribution or promotion.

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Tips on How to Maximize Linkedin

If you are a professional looking for a place to connect with like-minded people, LinkedIn is where you want to be. While many visit the platform look or recruit for jobs, more and more are using the space to network and generate sales leads. Right now, LinkedIn is considered the best social media network for driving traffic to corporate websites.

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