Small business owners appreciate multitasking, and their success relies on it. But a slow internet connection or low bandwidth can stop even the most versatile and efficient worker in his or her tracks. When it comes to running your business, reliable high-speed internet makes a huge difference. That’s why NorthPoint Executive Suites now provides gigabit fiber internet. How can this high-speed connection benefit your business?

  1. Increases productivity: The most obvious benefit of gigabit internet is speed. For example, Google Fiber has shown to be up to 100 times faster than regular internet. How much do slow connections hold you back? A recent report shows that the average employee wastes a total of one week per year waiting for slow connections.
  2. Redefines conference calls: Face-to-face meetings result in more trust and transparency, creative thinking, and relationship building, both with customers, partners, and teammates. However, conference calls allow much greater flexibility in time and location and can be far more cost effective. Gigabit fiber allows small businesses to conduct virtual meetings without sacrificing all of the in-person benefits. High speed internet offers the immediacy and clarity on conference calls and has ever-changing capabilities to share data, objects, and images as you collaborate. The reliability of gigabit fiber internet prevents those frustrating and embarrassing moments when calls drop or voices become warped.
  3. Improves flexible work options: As top companies show the benefits of flexible work places, high speed internet in the business owner’s work area can establish faster and clearer connections with employees and partners offsite. Your remote workers can send files that you can quickly access. This eliminates one of the roadblocks to giving employees more flexibility and outsourcing some of your work.
  4. Facilitates cloud computing: Cloud computing relies on gigabit fiber internet to optimize its capabilities. By 2015 over 50 percent of small businesses were already using cloud computing, for its flexibility, speed, accessibility, efficient cash flow, and well-secured back up data.
  5. Increased Bandwidth: Gigabit internet offers increased bandwidth to keep up with streaming and file exchanges of all sizes. There is no longer a lag in communication and file transmission between offsite partners and customers.

Gigabit fiber internet offers limitless opportunities to expand your business and your workforce, increase your productivity, and save you time. Learn more about renting an office suite powered by gigabit-speed internet at NorthPoint Executive Suites, and schedule a tour at one of our facilities.