Technology is making the traditional full-time office space unnecessary. With all telecommuting and cloud data options available, it’s easy to understand why the newest generation to enter the workforce is putting a new spin on getting work done. You could probably argue that such a change to the way people do their jobs hasn’t changed this much since the industrial era.


Why Are They Changing?

One Reason. Work-Life Balance.

With white collar work being completely redefined, so are the places that workers do their jobs. Designers, freelancers, and startups no longer need to punch a clock for 8-10 hours a day just to say they put in their time. Now you can get the job done from home, a coffee shop, or anywhere with a broadband connection. Getting your work done when it’s done, and not when the whistle blows.


But You Still Need an Office Right?

Yes, but not in the traditional sense of the word. You can’t avoid the need for meetings, and trying to get your point across in a crowded café seems like a nightmare. That’s why many people who need an every once in a while office are choosing executive suites as their go-to solution. These spaces have all of the form, function and tools of an office, and are available whenever you need them.

While your preferred workspace as a young twenty-something is anywhere but the corner office, there are several other benefits to using an executive office. For instance, maybe you like the feel of other productive people around. If that’s how you feel, maybe a co-working space is right for you. By renting just the space you use, you can go whenever you please while paying less than you would for an entire office. Here are a few other benefits of an executive office:

  • Portray professionalism for potential clients
  • Have a sought after address
  • Excellent amenities (Whiteboards, conference rooms, highest speed WiFi)
  • Virtual Assistants to answer incoming calls
  • More affordable than traditional space

How you do your work is changing drastically. Complete office space redesigns are becoming more common, and many companies are giving up on an ordinary space entirely and opting for satellite offices in the form of executive suites – to be used when needed, which helps reduce overhead and lower expenditures.


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