It’s the time to say goodbye to traditional offices and work spaces.

The world of today, corporate or otherwise is rapidly shifting and going green. Technology and telecommunication is at its zenith, and everyone is doing their best to get in on that race. However, the winners are already clear as day, and they are none other than millennials (along with the up and coming Generation Z). For them, the concept of working from a designated building of office is outdated and largely inconvenient.

No longer do people aspire for that big corner office with a perfect view of a city skyline. Now, work can be done from virtually anywhere: a couch at home, a small table at a café, or even at a shared table or office suite. While the concept of working from home took some getting used to, its convenience is now embraced wholeheartedly. There are a multitude of reasons why the current generation startups prefer the freedom that comes with working online.

Conservation of Space

One of the reasons why companies prefer remote working is because it allows them to conserve space. In today’s economy, acquiring leases for office space in a bustling metropolis for a startup is next to impossible. As such, open floor plans where every nook and corner can be used as working space are favored over the bulkiness of cubicles or desks.

Conservation of Efficiency 

For employers, this new trend of space conservation in the workplace encourages team collaboration and connectivity. By giving a relaxed, more comfortable environment to perform in, the companies are automatically conserving work efficiency and at the same time promoting productivity.

Conservation of Costs

Probably the most important reason behind millennials’ preference for remote working is the reduction of overhead costs. Office space, along with the furniture, electricity, and the internet for business levels is not cheap. By working in a virtual environment, overhead costs are next to nothing, and the money that is earned and saved is reinvested for the growth of startup itself and its employee. What’s best about this arrangement is that if the need to impress any important client arises, a fancy executive suite can always be temporarily rented at half the cost. All in all, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.