Choosing the right conference space can facilitate productive meetings that improve teamwork. Many times bringing together a group of like-minded people in an inspiring setting can be the catalyst for innovative collaboration. Ideally, the room can be reserved through scheduling software. Here are important elements to look for when booking collaborative conference space for an organization.

1. Wi-Fi Connectivity

The meeting room should have Wi-Fi connectivity so that the conference may involve online participants. The network name and password should be provided by the venue and posted in the room where it can be easily seen by team members. A router should be placed in the room or near it to provide adequate network coverage.

2. Mounted Display Monitors

Many of today’s conference rooms are built with digital technology in mind. These rooms allow for mounted display monitors so that all guests can see the same big screens. The screens should come with adapters that make them easy to integrate with various technology.

3. Whiteboard and Dry Erase Markers

Long before conference rooms were normal places wired for computers, they often included whiteboards for making visual presentations. Whiteboards with dry erase markers are easy to use and clean up and they help convey ideas to large groups.

4. Trash Containers

The meeting room should contain at least one trash can, as members can accumulate plenty of extra paperwork they don’t need. Places that don’t have trash containers can create a sense of discomfort, whereas rooms with trash cans seem more prepared for social gatherings.

5. Art Décor

Whether meeting rooms are temporary or permanent, they should have inspiring aesthetics. Creative paintings hung on walls can be a source of inspiration for brainstorming sessions. The key is to fill the room with imagery that welcomes a team atmosphere.

6. IT Support

The venue should employ IT technicians who can provide assistance at meetings to ensure networking equipment runs properly. Meetings involving technology go much smoother when IT experts are standing by to help.


Ambiance is an often overlooked factor for organizational meetings, as it can make a big difference in setting a tone. The spirit of teamwork is best harvested in an open atmosphere that invites creative ideas. Make sure your conference room has the right technology and IT people behind it for empowering group presentation. Contact us at NorthPoint Executive Suites for more information on booking appropriate conference space.