Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur with global clients and partnership, an experimental start-up, or a solo freelancer, there are benefits to shifting at least some of your work into a coworking space. A Harvard Business Review study reports that people belonging to coworking spaces feel more energized, engaged in their work, and dedicated to its sustainability than employees in traditional office environments.

Coworking spaces provide businesses of all sizes and industries opportunities to thrive at all stages of business development, client engagement, and product design. No two coworking spaces are alike and no tenants will use them the same way.

Learn the benefits of coworking space and consider how some of these could fit into your strategy and bolster your goals and discover new ones:

  1. Save time and money: Coworking spaces are often open 24-7. Your ability to concentrate, deadlines, meeting schedule, physical needs, and out of work responsibilities all change day to day. You can have the benefits of a structured work environment with tools to enhance your work and great networking opportunities, without being trapped or paying for more time than you use or need. As a big bonus, you save time and money on office furniture and amenities.
  2. Networking: Coworking environments can eliminate the time and potential missed opportunities to hire new service providers or partner with other businesses. Instead of researching and vetting, the person working next door may be provide the service you need or know someone who does, and the plans can start then and there. Coworking environments keep workers up to speed with software and time saving tools that may otherwise be missed working from home or in isolation.
  3. Creative thinking: The peers around you are generally not competitors. They work from different agencies and usually on different products. This freedom to focus only on your work while circumventing burnout, maintaining health, and fostering creative thinking. It offers a space devoid of the distractions that come at home while maintaining independence and ushering in ideas and conversations among like-minded peers. Just take the example of a university professor in Ohio who used coworking space to write over the summer.
  4. Geographic expansion: Flexible use of coworking spaces helps you expand your geographic reach. Face to face meetings yield far better results than phone or email. If you are trying to meet a new client, you might not get that precious face time if you are located far away or don’t have a meeting place. Coworking spaces allow you to meet in different parts of the highly trafficked cities for different times.

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