The office water cooler has gotten a bad rep as the cliché place where no work gets done in an office, but in reality, simple office amenities can nurture productivity. A dehydrated employee won’t get much done after all. Productive office environments are designed around both the type of work they will house and the people who will spend day after day performing, innovating, and delivering the work.

Our private office suites offer a variety of amenities, like reliable Fiber internet, scanning and fax machines, free parking, coffee, and meeting spaces equipped for virtual meetings. NorthPoint Executive Suites is built around promoting successful workdays.

With various space options, NorthPoint offers clients a seamless way to change scenery, a main driver in productivity. Changing environments helps change old thought patterns and boosts innovation. It allows clients to choose between more collaborative spaces, private and quiet work time, or open areas to encourage networking. Treating employees as people, rather than work machines, is an obvious way to motivate them to work. Simple comforts and conveniences like coffee and social spaces can give them the mental break we all need during the day to recharge.

Other amenities more obviously assist in pushing work forward. Phone answering services free up time for productive work while ensuring nothing gets dropped or left behind. Easy access and discounts to mailing services make the business chores less of a distraction. Office locations that are inconveniently located or lack adequate parking (and/or require employees to pay) can also leave employees less inspired from the very start of the day.

While not every business can have an onsite arcade, daily catered lunches, or spas, simple amenities and a positive environment can go a long way in attracting and retaining talent and increasing your bottom line.