Modern workers today are eschewing traditional offices and opting for more flexible office space and virtual assistants, for a variety of reasons.


Less Overhead

Setting up and maintaining a permanent site is always more costly than a virtual setup. High operating costs are attached to a wide range of on-site requirements, such as a building and land lease, office equipment and furniture, and salaries for office staff, technical support and maintenance personnel.

You can work far less expensively from home, but will still need a professional meeting space to satisfy your business needs. Working in a NorthPoint Executive Suite offers business amenities, including equipment, furniture, conference rooms, executive offices and even coffee and snacks, and you rent space only when you need it.


Schedule Flexibility

The standard schedules available to most workers at traditional offices often do not contain enough flexibility for today’s modern demands.

Working from home or from an executive office space, rather than a traditional office, allows workers to determine how flexible of a schedule they need, and allows a company to only pay for what they need while allowing workers to work around health issues, spend more time with family, and even serve as an adult caregiver to a family member.


Increased Travel

Faster public transport options have made it easier for business leaders to see partners, vendors and customers in-person no matter where they have permanent addresses. If you work from home and occasionally need a professional setting to meet co-workers or clients, then an executive office space likely makes sense for you.

And, if you are a busy executive that travels, you are probably not around enough to justify the high cost of a traditional office. Today’s workers know that it is better to only pay for what you need!


Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are a great example of this virtual office trend. Like their traditional counterparts, virtual assistants provide all of the services necessary to help busy professionals stay organized and efficient. A virtual assistant might answer your calls, take your messages, schedule appointments, provide appointment reminders, type letters and/or perform sales duties – all without the high cost of a fully employed, salaried assistant.


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