Technological changes impact large corporations as much as a solopreneur. However, if you look ahead, advances in technology can also reveal golden opportunities that you can capitalize on for future profit. Take a look at the 5 biggest tech trends of 2016 and how they might impact you in the future.

  1. Virtual Reality (VR) – The power of VR for prototyping is unparalleled, according to Forbes, and can help a group of people meeting together to visualize and experience building projects and new inventions even before the project has gotten started. VR is an immersive technology that can also be ideal for training, tours, and entertainment.
  2. Smart Speakers – Amazon Echo may think it’s cornered the market on smart speakers, but Google Home is a tough competitor. These speakers link up to Alexa and Google, respectively, and are always on and ready to jump into the conversation when queried. While they are touted as speech-activated home speakers, it’s not hard to imagine a future use where they play the part of resident expert in business meetings.
  3. The Internet of Everything (IoT) – Smart speakers, smart cars, and smart home appliances are just a few of the possibilities with the IoT. The IoT and big data has the capability to even make smart buildings that turn on lights, pull up the blinds, control the temperature, and turn on devices in anticipation of upcoming meetings when a space is rented or used intermittently.
  4. Location-Based Marketing and Beacons – Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and beacon notifications of specials, coupons, and offers can cause drive by traffic or passersby to slow down and walk into a business when nearby. These small geocentric devices constantly push messages to users who opt into apps that monitor for store beacons in the vicinity.
  5. 3-D Printing – Businesses are just beginning to see how this innovative method of manufacturing can help them, however, some novel applications are in custom prosthetics and the construction of buildings. If you happen to be the first to think up an even more ingenious solution for business using this technology, you stand to make a huge profit.