If you are a professional looking for a place to connect with like-minded people, LinkedIn is where you want to be. While many visit the platform look or recruit for jobs, more and more are using the space to network and generate sales leads. Right now, LinkedIn is considered the best social media network for driving traffic to corporate websites.

Here are 5 tips to keep you polished and ready so you can maximize LinkedIn to generate leads:

1) Share a Killer Post
Content marketing is king. Sharing free information is a powerful way to attract someone to you and your website. LinkedIn offers a place to share an update or publish a post. If you are a blogger (and even if you’re not), use this option to earn trust first. Once trust is earned, a client relationship will develop that leads to a professional engagement.

2) Find Your Target with Advanced Search
The Advanced Search option (next to the Smart Search box) allows you to search by keywords, first and last name, title, and company.  This allows you to seek out your ideal client quickly and easily. Keep your eyes peeled on their activity, and comment on anything they may post.

3) Be Active
Where are your potential clients hanging out? Groups in LinkedIn are shifting, and those involved are answering more questions and sharing more knowledge. Find a group where you can do the same and watch a trusting relationship grow.

4) Use Your Title in Your Name
Are you an accountant? A consultant? A corporate leader? Use those keywords in your name and be found quicker. There are people out there looking for someone like you. When they do, be the one that shows up for them.

5) Stop Using InMail, Unless You’re Genuine
While some still consider this an acceptable way to target potentials, many more agree it is not, and it is quickly becoming a turn-off for many professionals. Genuine integrity and connection is making its way back into sales, and spamming someone’s inbox with a “Hello, I can fix your problems with my magic program,” is simply not part of that process. Get to know your prospects first, and try to ask for an introduction via LinkedIn if possible. A warm lead is always better than a cold one!

Keep your profile clean and updated. Use keywords in your description and background section. Be honest and humble in everything you do, and you’ll bring forth clients that will look forward to working with you.