Launching a new small business is exciting. Unfortunately, what happens next can be a downhill path if you don’t establish a solid plan and foundation. The reason new businesses commonly fail is not so much by chance, but by lack of funding, planning and design. Meanwhile, the startups that grow create strong building blocks to success while avoiding the following mistakes.

Top Common Business Mistakes

  • Turning up the pressure on employees – High turnover due to employees not enjoying the workplace cuts into profit margins.
  • Expecting customers to keep buying the same items – Trends come and go. Many products from a decade ago are no longer around. It’s challenging for a brand to rely on one product for survival.
  • Holding on to a dated game plan – Failing to update your business plan periodically can lead to company stagnancy.
  • Ignoring the digital revolution – The business and consumer worlds are both getting increasingly more digital. Ignoring ecommerce and digital tools for accelerating business processes is how many companies are falling behind competitors.
  • Overreacting to trends and downturns – Not all trends are absorbed into the continuum of business culture. Many apps are popular for a matter of months.

Ways to Avoid Business Mistakes

  • Embrace an optimistic mindset – Be confident with a strategic plan.
  • Focus on a niche you can corner – Make your business unique from all competitors.
  • Stay updated on your key metrics – Use analytics as indicators.
  • Treat employees fairly – Create a sense of collaborative team spirt.
  • Devote resources to staff training and delegation – Evaluate each employee and determine how they can be most productive for your organization.
  • Evaluate sales and marketing campaigns – Analyze what makes campaigns work or don’t work for you and your competitors.
  • Listen to other voices – Have an open mind about new ideas. Listen to partners, colleagues, employees and customers.
  • Build an online community – Social media is the best and easiest way to build an internet following. Engaging with followers via social media is an effective way to generate leads.
  • Make focused decisions – Weigh pros and cons to initiatives carefully.


Entrepreneurs find success by deciding on the right people and technology to work with. It’s essential for a business to treat employees as valuable team contributors, especially in the changing labor climate. Resisting digital transformation could cause your company to slip behind competitors. Successful businesses emphasize efficient allocation of resources, waste reduction and a clear focus on market conditions.