The focus of any business trying to attract online leads should be on its target audience. Once you decide on who you want to reach through various marketing channels, you can build a customized marketing strategy for different segments of your target market.

Defining Your Target Audience

With a clear vision of who you want as customers, you can develop a brand that interacts with followers on social and economic levels. Knowing your target audience puts you ahead of competitors who don’t know their own market. This knowledge also helps you build appropriate relationships for your brand.

Determining your target audience comes down to various research methods such as analyzing market data, studying competitors and conducting customer or client interviews. It’s advantageous to routinely review and adjust your target audience parameters to account for market changes.

Segmenting Your Target Audience

Is target audience the same as target market? No, because a target audience is a subset of a target market. You might not be able to reach your entire market through one advertising campaign, but you can divide your market into different segments. The segment you target in a specific campaign is your target audience. It might be based on demographics, interests, subcultures, decision-makers, followers or various other factors.

An effective way to become more familiar with your market segments is to represent them with personas. An effective persona can be expressed in a photo or avatar that reflects a certain market segment.

Reaching the Right Crowd

Digital marketing has continuously moved in the direction of niches that can be summarized by keyword phrases. SEO is the key to building low-cost online leads while online advertising gets the quickest results due to wider visibility to a well-defined target market. Access to digital marketing tools for customized campaigns can make a huge difference between a successful vs. struggling business.

It’s helpful for marketers of any field to invest in customer relationship management software. It will help you collect, store and organize data about your target market and its participants. Thanks to this empowering technology, you can develop more personalized relationships with your target market and its segments.


Knowing and measuring your target audience will give you valuable competitive advantages. Using the right technology and analytics can turn your clicks into sales. It will help you prioritize your engagement time with your most loyal followers and warmest new leads.