Verizon analyzed data on over 300 small cities in the U.S., and Alpharetta came in at 15, the only city in Georgia to make the list. Measures included income per capita, percentage of college-educated population over age 25, average total time driving to work, broadband access of at least 10 Mbps download time and 1 Mbps upload time, loans per capita, and tax scores. All these factors help set the stage to build a startup and draw in customers and partners.

What makes Alpharetta stand out?

Technology: Alpharetta has been called “The Technology City of the South” and is home to over 640 technology companies. Alpharetta uniquely fosters the growth of emerging tech companies with Tech Alpharetta, a coalition of Alpharetta’s leading technology companies charged with identifying and pursuing key investment opportunities and policy decisions for its technology industry.

Accessibility: Alpharetta is an easy location to network out of and to bring in customers. Located near the world’s busiest airport, 22 miles outside of Atlanta, and off four major highways, Alpharetta makes an ideal business hub without the chaos, congestion, and higher expenses of being in the city.

Community: Alpharetta offers a plethora of opportunities for likeminded professionals and entrepreneurs to network, grow, and learn. The Atlanta Business Association holds regular and special events for businesses of all sizes across the city. There are some well-established businesses in Alpharetta as well to serve as potential bidders, partners, or consumers, depending on what services you offer. These include UPS, Microsoft, ADP, and HP.

Quality of Life: Alpharetta is both good for your business and good for your personal life. It maintains a suburban feel with over 8 miles of hiking and biking trails, one of the top school systems in Georgia, and over 150 community events each year.

The city government fosters this growth with a strong business sector, offering easy-to-use resources for new businesses. In just five years, Alpharetta has added 70,000 jobs, turning it into a flourishing business location—especially for newer businesses.

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