The role of an entrepreneur is to find solutions to problems, as opposed to being the solution. Finding the right people solves a lot of problems, including ones you may not initially see. Hire the best people, and they will continue the trend of hiring great people.

Brand From the Beginning

When your company is young and small, often the first exposure to your company culture a potential employee sees is your job description. This is your chance to show who and what you are, from your color and font choices to the words you use. Ask outsiders for their honest opinions of the impression your job description presents, and edit accordingly.

Supervisor Overhaul

Among the most frequently cited reasons employees leave a workplace is because of their immediate supervisor. Issue anonymous questionnaires to your existing employees regarding their immediate supervisors, and learn who is doing well versus who is not. Look at specific comments, and consider referencing them immediately and publicly with supervisors who receive more than average amounts of criticism. The corrective action you take is at your discretion, but the old saying of, “hire slowly, fire quickly” may be applicable. Great employees rarely settle for working under sub-par managers.

Internal Referrals

The best sources of new customers are your existing ones, and by the same token your employees are your best source of future employees. Since people tend to know similar people, often your employees know other good workers with similar mindsets. This tends to reduce onboarding difficulties, leads to less retention issues, and builds a growing network of great employees.

Non-traditional Perks

Getting employees engaged in the recruitment process involves building a plan to keep growth on everyone’s minds. When you can, do unusual things and fun things that your employees may post about on social media. This raises your company’s profile organically, and lets quality potential employees know that you are excited to be growing and hiring.