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Alpharetta is a rising tech hub in Georgia.

Alpharetta: the Best Small City in Georgia to Grow a Small Business

Verizon analyzed data on over 300 small cities in the U.S., and Alpharetta came in at 15, the only city in Georgia to make the list. Measures included income per capita, percentage of college-educated population over age 25, average total time driving to work, broadband access of at least 10 Mbps download time and 1 Mbps upload time, loans per capita, and tax scores. All these factors help set the stage to build a startup and draw in customers and partners.

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The right office suite rental can save your business significant money over time.

How Much Can an Executive Office Suite Rental Save You?

NorthPoint Executive Suites helps small businesses and start-ups work more efficiently by cutting costs and saving business owners’ time. The most prudent business owner could go to painstaking lengths to estimate absolute supply needs and go from supplier to supplier to investigate all options and compare prices and still spend thousands in excess on office space and equipment.

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Day Office for Rent in Alpharetta

Executive Office Suites: Locations to Grow

Entrepreneurs and founders of new businesses appreciate the time and investments it takes to start making a profit. Executive office suites give startups the flexibility they need to go through some trial and error and find their footholds without the costs of furnishing an office and getting locked into a long term lease. This allows business owners to experiment with locations or find offices to meet that are more convenient for clients. When it’s time to expand, entrepreneurs can adjust to spend more time in an office environment with clients, you can adjust your time on the lease and expand to a neighboring suite in the building.

NorthPoint Executive Suites offers office space, virtual office space, meeting rooms, and cowork space to fit the changing needs and stages of your business. The flexibility and amenities offered by executive office suites give businesses a way to save on overhead costs without sacrificing collaboration. High-speed internet, well-functioning office technology, onsite IT support, and reception services can save a business owner a substantial amount of time and allow their focus to stay on their business.

And executive office suites are not just for “adolescents”, businesses of all sizes are reassessing how people work in an increasingly mobile business environment to save money and promote productivity. In 2017 Global Workforce Analytics report found that 80-90% of US workers would like to work from home part time leaving some time dedicated to concentrated work and in-office time for collaboration. And estimates show that the typical business could save $11,000 per employee per year if employees worked from home 50% of time. This cost can be staggering if you are just starting out in your business.

Workplace trends are changing worldwide in the most reputable businesses. Saving money looks smart! NorthPoint Executive Suites give entrepreneurs what they need to focus and strive in what they do best. Contact us today to learn more, or fill out the form on this page to book a tour at our Alpharetta or Duluth locations.

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Gigabit fiber internet is now available at NorthPoint Executive Suites in Alpharetta.

Gigabit Fiber Has Arrived at NorthPoint; Plus a Look at the Evolution of Connection Speeds

Today, we rely on high-speed internet connections to fuel business growth. Reliable video communications, increased transaction speeds, remote collaboration, and powerful cloud applications would not be possible otherwise. At NorthPoint Executive Suites, we are excited to announce that our tenants can now take advantage of gigabit fiber internet and take their businesses to the next level.

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