About Us

At NorthPoint Executive Suites, we believe every professional deserves top quality in every aspect of their business. Therefore, we have committed ourselves to equipping them with the tools needed for their success. We are proud to offer the best quality in technology, amenities, meeting rooms, environment, and service.

Our staff is committed to serve our clients. The support you will receive at NorthPoint Executive Suites is second to none. Our on demand support team will save you time and money as we deal with the everyday typical “housecleaning” tasks of running an office for you. We pride ourselves on running a seamless business center with exceptional reliability in the IT department. We take the headache out of the logistics to ensure smooth operation and handle any issues that may arise with urgency allowing you to focus on your business.

Our Mission

NorthPoint Executive Suites is committed to serving its clients by providing cutting edge technology, exceptional services and a professional work environment where integrity and honesty are valued.

Message from the President

“At NorthPoint Executive Suites our staff places a high level of importance on the environment we provide, and the successes of each of our clients.  We recognize and cater to the specific needs of our clients, giving them the quality of service they deserve.  It is imperative our clients know we value truth and integrity and that we are continually committed to demonstrating these qualities in every aspect of our company.”

-Rick Onorato, CEO, NorthPoint Executive Suites, LLC